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Well you have clicked  the read more button so here is some more information about me and my life.

My short Story

My name is Maisie. I'm 29 years young, I have three children Viole, Blue and Tawny age seven and under, I unschool them which means we have no program to follow. We learn life skills and about nature as well as basic maths and English.


My fiancé, Ali, and I love to create and recycle goods... he calls me the "thrifty bitch"! It all started when we got our first family dog Bumble. She was growing so fast I didn't want to keep buying collars... so me being me got my thinking cap on and paracord was what intrigued me. After making my first collar for Bumble I was hooked on the idea and one thing led to another and now I'm here with my own business!


I wanted to try and come up with something that was in my style, something different and good quality by stepping away from the overly used plastic buckles that didn't appeal to me, as well as something that would look good and last longer than plastic so metal buckles in my style was the way to go. 


I make all my collars by hand, not machine. Some collars are so intense they take up to three hours to make! But it is all worth it when I see pictures of your dogs wearing them.   

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